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Donald Trump’s policies in these his first days in office

Update at: 14/03/2017 04:32:00

The new elected president Donald Trump has been seen as person who has large number of policies in the first month in comparison with  former presidents of the United State. In this paper, we are going to sum up these remarkable Donald Trump’s policies that have been deploy so far.

The policies toward globalization and domestic market

Mr. Donald Trump is a nominator who obtains ideology against globalization by his action in the own nomination campaign. Cause by this reason, right the moment that Trump took the role of president officially, 21/1/2017, he signed his first decree to pull his country out of TTP and restarted negotiating various international conventions including NAFTA which is one of the most priority convention. According to several experts, Mr. Donald Trump may launch war-trade with Beijing by accusing China controlling the own currency and threatening to raise the import tax on Chinese’s commodity.

 Immigration policies

As what Mr. US President has said in presidential campaign, five days after becoming president ,25/1/2017, Trump sigh order to build a wall along the US border with Mexico and crack down on US cities that shield illegal immigrants, proceeding quickly on sweeping and  divisive plan to curb immigration and boost national security. Two day latter on 27/1/2017, Donald Trump enacted another order which limit legal immigration, including executive order restricting refugees  and blocking the issuing visa to people from several Muslim-majority Middle Eastern and North African countries including Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Irag, Iran, Libya and Yemen to protect his homeland from terrorist. Mr. Trump signed two executive orders at the Department of Homeland Security, one ordering construction of a wall along the roughly 2,000-mile (3,200kilometre) US-Mexico border and the other moving to strip federal grant money from “sanctuary” states and cities, often governed by Democrats, that harbour illegal immigrants. In cities such as San Francisco local officials, often Democrats, refuse to cooperate with federal authorities on actions against illegal immigrants.

Tax policies

Mr. Donald Trump promised the biggest “tax revolution” since Ronald Reagan, pledging to cut taxes across the board and sharply reduce the load on businesses to stem a tide of US companies moving headquarters overseas. It meant that there is no American business would pay more than 15 per cent of their profits in tax, down from the current maximum of 35 per cent. He also pledged to levy a one-off 10 per cent tax on trillions of dollars in US corporate profits now parked overseas in a bid to lure them home

Foreign policies.

The US has been known as the largest contributor to NATO’s fund with their 70% budget contributed to this organization. Because of this, United States played the crucial role in this group of nations. But Donald Trump set conditions for defending NATO allies Against attack now

With China, Mr. Trump believes that the action of manipulating Chinese currency  damaged his American economy as well as took away jobs from United States. Mr. Trump desires to set 45% on tax for Chinese cargoes. He will also changes several diplomatic policies with China by supporting “One China” policy.

Related to North Korea, Trump made his own pledge about providing measurements to reduce foreign currency revenues of North Korea. Besides, Trump also urges China in cooperation to punish North Korea and at the same time, he continues to strengthen the military alliance with South Korea to deter North Korea to operate nuclear test.

In relation with European, Mr. Trump confirmed his support to the doctrine against the globalization. He did not appreciate the European benefits originated from  investment waves coming from integration in European. Mr. Trump also wanted to promote the connection between USA and Russia.

About the nations of Islam named IS, Trump confirmed that he is going to ruin the entire organization as soon as possible. None the less, he has not figured out the best strategy to handle this most serious crisis in the area of Middle East.


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